The next stage of the project is to develop the Gesture Semantics chart to classify the different types of Semantics encountered the scope of the movie ‘Pretty Woman’

Gesture Semantics
 •Reflexive action
    – Shocked
Biological requirement
  -Beats (B-sate body rhythms)
  -Excusing oneself ( when coughing or Yawing)
Cultural Practice
 – Greet
 – Console
 – Happy
 – Sad
 – Anger
 – Fear
 – Surprise
 -(To show)Disregard
 – (To ) Please
 – Concern
 – Joke
•Dialogue Act
– Answer
-State (Making a statement)
A subset of these will be used to charaterise ‘Vivian’ form the film.
This will involve annotation of the charater dialgoues to gestures and the semantic:  Dialogue Annotation

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